Firm Profile

The Firm, founded more than thirty-five years ago, offers representation in both criminal and commercial civil litigation before federal and state courts as well as in appellate courts.

In the area of white collar criminal defense, we offer representation in grand jury investigations as well as a varied array of federal and state criminal prosecutions and appeals. Over the last several years, our attorneys have represented individuals and professionals charged with securities fraud, health-care fraud, tax and accounting fraud, as well as public corruption investigations and prosecutions.

We also provide representation in the more traditional genres of criminal prosecution, including the defense of racketeering and money laundering cases.

An aggressive team of attorneys, we marshal the Firm’s resources and talents in order to provide a vigorous defense, not only during the trial phase, but during the earliest investigative stage, in order to convince prosecutors not to indict and forestall the inevitable damage to the client from public accusations. Of course, not every case can be dismissed or tried, and for those, the client needs a solid, persuasive negotiating team. The Firm’s motto in those cases is to convince the prosecuting authority and the judge to see the client just as the client’s loved ones and closest friends see him or her. The task, in every case, involves learning, in excruciating detail, every good, kind, and generous deed her client has ever done, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant. With the demise of the Federal Sentencing Guidelines, the client’s life and family circumstances are critically important and must be placed front and center.

We are also experienced in representing clients in parallel proceedings, involving civil regulatory agencies, such as the Securities & Exchange Commission, the National Association of Securities Dealers, the New York Stock Exchange and various professional disciplinary organizations for professionals.

In addition, the Firm has a broad-based skill in litigating and trying civil cases before state and federal courts, administrative and self-regulatory agencies and alternative dispute resolution tribunals, including extensive arbitration and mediation experience.

We seek to provide zealous, aggressive and effective representation to each and every client through regular and personalized contact. We handle sophisticated matters against much larger firms, achieving results that allow clients to resolve their disputes satisfactorily and with the least amount of frustration and interruption of personal and professional activities. Further, our size insures that we can provide services through a cost-effective billing structure.

We provide services in numerous substantive areas, including business disputes relating to contracts and licenses, amongst partnerships and corporations and their members and/or shareholders, trademark and employment disputes and fraud claims. We frequently appear before the SEC, FINRA and other SROS on behalf of brokers, broker-dealers and investors separate and apart from our white collar practice.